Noelle has been in the industry for almost a decade, and has been referred to as a trailblazer in this niche market. When she started in the industry she immediately noticed a lack of diversity as one of the few black estheticians at the time. She was one of the only people showcasing skin of color and all skin tones. She sought out to fill the need for skincare and provide services that specialized in skin of color while achieving visible results. Noelle was highly motivated to curate skincare services instead of using the one size fits all services that were the available standard. 


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All of our services are curated with only the best result driven products on the market. You’ll realize we don’t have add ons or upgrades because the best thing for your skin should not be optional. We specialize in working with skin of color while also offering an array of treatments for acne, scar revision, and hyperpigmentation, age management, and more. No two people have the exact same skin, so why would you book a facial made for everyone? We will ALWAYS tailor your treatment to your specific skin concerns and needs. 


Clinical Master Esthetician, Certified Advanced Esthetician, Fully Licensed Cosmetologist, Owner of You Matter Beauty, She/Her

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Our goal is to deliver a relaxing and customized skincare experience. 

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we believe as a client you deserve the best because,